University Lectures


“Derrida’s Faith and Knowledge.”  Lecture/seminar given 03-04/15 at the University of Denver.

“Derrida on Specters of Marx”.  Lecture given 02-18-15 at University of Denver.  Part 1 | Part 2.

“Theory of Religion: The Exception as the Rule.”  Lecture given 10-28-14 to graduate students at the University of Denver.

“Radical Theological Thinking – The Subject: Response to the Question ‘Is Theology Dead’?  Lecture given 10-16-14 to the Global Center for Advanced Study.

“Nietzsche and the Origins of Postmodernism”.  Five segments of extended lectures given at Seattle School for Theology and Psychology, 06-05-14.

“Paul as Political Theologian: How the ’New Perspective is Reshaping Theological and Philosophical Discourse.”  Recast of paper presented to the Paul Project, Nijmegen, Netherlands, April 2014.

“Nietzsche and Critical Theory”.  Lecture to the Global Center for Advanced Studies, 02-13-14.

Opening Lecture on “Art, Thought, and Spirituality,” University of Denver.  Online course.

Audio Talks

“Phenomenology and Theology”

Audio transcripts of seminar at University of Denver, January-March, 2014.