During his multi-decade career in academia and community development, Carl Raschke has taught, lectured, and consulted in a wide variety of topic areas.  Current subject specialties are as follows:


  • The Economic Crisis and Its Religious and Political Roots
  • Globalization and the New World Disorder
  • Contemporary European Philosophy and Religion
  • The West and Islam
  • The Future of Evangelicalism
  • The New “Critical Theory”
  • The “Spirituality” of Modern Art
  • Art and Economic Development
  • Contemporary Trends in Christian Theology
  • What Do We Mean By “Postmodernism”?
  • The Decade of the 1960s And Its Lingering Impact
  • The History of the “Cult Wars”

Speaking Engagements

Carl Raschke is available for  talks at colleges and universities as well as public forums, civic and religious organizations, and professional associations.   The following is a video he gave in 2015 at The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  To get in touch with him, please contact him by email.

Other Talks